René Zamudio

Let’s play 20 Questions:

  • What has most influenced the way you see?

    The defining factor is that since the age of 4 years old the world has been my home. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico & moved to southern california where I spent my childhood. I studied Fashion Design in San Francisco then got my first job as a designer in New York City, eventually designing my first womens wear label. relocating to Madrid I relaunched my label Zamudio,then later working both in Forence,Italy & tokyo,Japan with the designer Sybilla. I did a 2 year stint in Paris & ended up in Barcelona, Spain. I am currently living between Berlin & Barcelona.

  • What has most influenced you in the manner you work?

    I was lucky to work closely with Gene London, the renown clothes archivist in NYC where I was responsible mainly for historical costume pattern reproduction. this has marked both the way I see clothes construction and the human body as well.

  • What’s with Barcelona/Berlin?

    I enjoy sk8ing & there is currently a big sk8 scene here in Barcelona.I also like being able to take my dog Pep to the beach. Berlin is where noone looks at you and I feel at home there.

  • Any new projects?

    Under the name 41158 am working with photography & found objects & clothing, mainly as site specific & altars. I was fortunate to show both at the Yeosuart Biennale in Seoul, Korea : ; & also at the 2009 Beijing Biennale in China . Here in Barcelona am represented by Todoyalavez gallery.

  • Which media do you most enjoy working in?

    I like doing all of it. Film is special given the time element possible.

    Galliano once said “My life is fashion, fashion is my life”

    uhhhh,not quite in my case but it is a middling to largish part of my life. fashion is something I will always work in.

    I like theatre & dance because you deal in the round & there is something fearless about working under such pressure with commercials that I do enjoy.


  • Gene London Studio


    Fashion Archivist NYC, NY

    In charge of period pattern reproduction for various media including films such as “Reds” & “Cotton Club”

  • Zamudio S.A.

    1986 -1991

    Madrid , Spain

    Concept & marketing of own women’s wear label presented during Cibeles Fashion Week

  • Sybilla


    Madrid, Spain / Florence, Italy / Tokyo, Japan

    Creative Director

    Sybilla women’s 1st line

    Jocomola diffusion line

    Sybilla Wedding

    Sybilla & Jocomomola swimwear

  • Awards

    Cristobal Balenciaga

    Finalist New Spanish Designer Madrid, Spain

    Woolmark IWS Nouvelle Créateur

    Cour Carré du Louvre, Paris, France

    Fil d’Argent Spanish Representative

    Montecarlo, Monaco

Performing arts

  • “La Vida Breve” y “El Amor Brujo”

    Manuel de Falla

    L’Opera de Nancy

    Costume Design

  • “Les Elëgies”

    Phillipe Fenélon

    L’Opera de Nancy

    Costume Design

  • “Le Songe du Minotaure”

    Blanca Li

    Costume Design

  • “Searching”

    Introdans, Holland

    Costume & Set Design

  • “Stress Pete Pas Les Plombes”

    Blanca Li

    Costume Design

  • “Central Station”

    Introdans, Holland

    Costume & Set Design

Feature Film

Costume Designer

  • “Sing For Darfur”

    Director: Johan Kramer


  • “Johan1”

    Director: Johan Kramer

    Pupkin film

    Wardrobe Consultant


  • “Todo Sobre mi Madre”

    Director: Pedro Almodovar

    El Deseo S.A.

  • “800 Balas”

    Director: Alex de la Iglesia

    Panico Films

  • “Capitàes de Abril”

    Director: Maria de Medeiros

    Alia Films

  • “No Somos Nadie”

    Director: Jordi Mollá

    Lola Films

Short Film

Costume Designer:

  • “Lluvia de Otoño”

    Directors: Mani martinez y Joaquin

    The Lift

  • “Angoisse”

    Director: Blanca Li

    Premiére Heure

Video clips

  • Anouk/Junkie XL

    “Between These Walls”

    Director: Johan Kramer

  • Monoculture


    Director: Gema Arquero

Costume Designer/Stylist

  • Directors

    Johan Kramer, Nacho Gayán, Tony Kaye, Acne Films, Ivan Zuleta, Snori Bros, Jamie Threaves, Alex&Liane, James Brown, Rebeca Diaz, Belén Gayán, Hugo Menduiña, No-domain, Nico Caicoya Stylewar, Martin Aamund

  • Clients

    Adidas, Nike, Diesel, Coca Cola, Aquarius, Ikea, Ziggo, Achmea, Nokia, Vodafone, Movistar 02, McDonalds, Carrefour, Doritos, Seat, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Renault, Toyota, Opel, Grolsch, Freedam, Pantene, Lux, Lio, Evax, Roca, Rexona, Ponds, Menzies, Bizner, Maandag, Roca, Once, Calvo, HSBC, Globe, GDF, Suez

  • Print/Catalogues

    Diesel, Dieselkids, Packard Bell, Cortefiel, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler

  • Fashion Editorials

    Eyescream, Neo2, PuntoH, Rockdelux, Dancedelux, Levis, Dockers Style Awards

  • Photographers

    Alicia Aguilera, Valentin Valhonrat, Alfonso Ohnur, Txema Yeste, Melodie McDaniel

  • Fashion Shows

    Dieselkids, Gori De Palma, Sybilla, Adidas

Fashion Museography

  • Sybilla

    “20 Años no es nada”

    Art Installer

    Capel de les Angels

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Victorio & Lucchino

    25 Year Retrospective

    Exhibition Designer

    Museum of Contemporary Art

    Sevilla, Spain

Academic Seminars

  • Thesis Graduate fashion design

    Fashion Chief Director

    Istituto Europeo di Design

    Barcelona, spain

  • Body Manipulation

    Istituto Europeo di Design

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Draping vs Flat Pattern

    Istituto Europeo di Design

    Madrid, Spain


  • Yeousuart Biennale

    Seoul, Korea

  • Constellations: 2009 Beijing

    798 Biennale

    Beijing, China

  • “Ahora Si”


    Barcelona, Spain

  • “Pan Kon Tomate”


    Barcelona, Spain

  • 0 Galleria Ittati

    Mexico D.F.Mexico